World Lanka Investment


With the new political and economic changes Sri Lanka has turned in to a land of opportunities for investors. This is evident from the recent reports that state Sri Lanka is the fastest growing country in the South Asia marking. This is the ideal time to make a long term investment in Sri Lankan business and service landscape.

We have noticed that a considerable amount of Japanese investors are now approaching Sri Lankan market bringing in foreign exchange and business strategies. We World Lanka Investment (pvt) Ltd decided to extend our support and experience to Japanese citizens to make safe and profitable investments in Sri Lanka. With our over decade of experience in Sri Lankan business landscape both in challenging and thriving economic times, World Lanka Investment is capable of assessing, predicting and maintain reliable and profitable investments.

Our past business misfortunes and successes have given us the invaluable business wisdom to predict the future of any business venture accurately. And the company can offer the required resources and the guidance to start a successful investment in Sri Lanka.

We offer following services to our clients

    • Invest in Sri Lankan business and service industries via our company – World Lanka Investment.
    • Joint ventures with World Lanka Investment (pvt) Ltd.

Lighting and construction companies

The sour in the infrastructure development of Sri Lanka has opened up numerable opportunities to make safe and lucrative investments in the long run. World Lanka Investments have invested in the building and construction sector while contributing to the development of the country in every possible way. We encourage both local and Japanese investors in this sector as it has many direct and indirect benefits to everybody involved.

Day to day service Providing companies

Day to day service providing companies are one of the favourite choices of many veteran and experienced investors around the world. The sector provides a reliable and safe long term pay off when managed accurately. In Sri Lankan market the day to day service providing companies play a vital role demonstrating a steady growth in both profits and business strategies. The investments in this sector guarantee secure, reliable and profitable venture during both recessions and expansions.

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