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World Lanka Tours (pvt) Ltd is a Sri Lankan travel and tour company geared toward arranging travel and tours for Japanese citizens.

As a subsidiary of an experienced and reputed group of company, we are committed to give our customers high quality personalized service. You will get plenty of opportunities to explore and experience the Sri Lankan culture, history and landscape with our tours.With the ancient ties reaching far back to more than thousands of years, we believe you will be able to experience the similarities between the Sri Lankan and Japanese culture. And the understanding and respect you develop for Sri Lankan culture and its people will facilitate to strength the existing ties and form more deep and close new connections between the two nations.

Moreover, our company provide an unparallel services to ensure that your experience in Sri Lanka to be a enjoyable educational and stress free. Most of our tour planners and consultants are Japanese citizens and they are dedicated to giving you a personal attention and offer you personalized services. After identifying your travel goals and preferences our consultant will help you choose the destinations and other arrangements. We arrange Japanese speaking tours guides to accompany you thus you can communicate and learn about the destinations.

Our tour packages are designed in a way that you will experience the history landscape culture and the wildlife of Sri Lanka. Ultimately our aim is to see our Japanese customers leaving Sri Lanka with a renewed sense of appreciation understanding and shared culture. We are actively involving in tourism promotion in Sri Lanka and Japan. And now Japan has opened doors for Sri Lanka to explore their tourist market after our company took the initiative.

Our Tour Packages

Business city in Colombo

Delve in to the nuance of the metropolis Colombo -Independence square, Buddhist temple at Kelaniya, National museum in Colombo, Pettah bazaar and the main shopping complexes. Experience the city life of Sri Lanka with its newly developed artistic, commercial and administrative establishments.

Eight sights of the World heritage

You will explore the eight sites in   UNESCO World Heritage list. Explore the ancient roots of Sri Lankan history and culture. You will encounter many similarities between the Japanese history and culture-especially how the Buddhist   values have shaped the history and culture of both Sri Lanka and Japan.

Water sports

Being an island, Sri Lanka is gifted with several magnificent long stretched deserted golden beaches of east, west and south are the most popular among visitors. And the glistening clear water will guarantee all year for water sports, swimming and sunbathing.Experience the White Water Rafting, Canoeing, Scooby diving and more.

Wild Animal Kingdom and Great Nature

Sri Lanka is known for its diverse wildlife and wide variety of vegetation. You can enjoy 4×4 Jeep Safaris, guided trekking through virgin rain forests and camping in one of the major National Parks. You will have plenty of opportunities take unique and rare photographs of the wildlife & landscape.

As a leading travel and tour company of Sri Lanka we provide high quality related services to our clientele at an affordable rate. 

Our other services :

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