Director’s Message – World Lanka Tourism



Welcome to World Lanka Trading (pvt) Ltd website. We are happy that you are interested in our company.

Japan is the Asian giant of many industries especially motor vehicles. It is quite amazing how quickly Japan rebuild itself out of the World War 2 calamity. Japan set an example for country like ours to follow. After the decades of war and political upheaval, Sri Lanka is at a turning point to harness her full potential.

We, as a company, determined to be a part of the development of Sri Lanka. In this case, the Japanese experience, knowledge and technology are invaluable. So we work in close collaboration with many of the Japanese expert to utilize their resources to the development of Sri Lanka.

However, it is not our aim to build another machine and money cantered business. But we want to build a customer oriented sustainable business. We understand the people are the most powerful assets of any business and a country. Therefore, we make conscious effort to empower our employees and customer via collaboration and education.

Safety is the most important part of the motor vehicle industry. We utilize the innovative knowledge and technology to ensure the safety of every party involved- our employees, our customers and the people in general. At a larger scale, we are aware of the environment impact of the motor vehicles and we have utilized the eco friendly technologies and practices such as hybrid and electric.

Finally, we as a company strive to add values to all the Sri Lankans via innovation, sustainability and quality of our products and services.

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