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Mr. Bodahandi Sanath

  • Managing Director & CEO

  • World Lanka Tours

  • World Lanka Trading

  • World Lanka Consulting

Welcome to the World Lanka Group website. We are glad that you are interested in our company.

Since inception we have come a long way successfully facing and overcoming the challenging while adding values to our customer in diverse ways.

Our primary business was the import and distribution of Japanese vehicle and under the guidance and support from Japanese entrepreneurs and the trust from Sri Lankan customers paved the way to make it one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka. Then we expanded and diversified our business model. At present, we function as a three subsidiary companies – World Lanka Trading, World Lanka Investments & World Lanka Tours — adding more diverse and unique values to the customer while contributing to the growth of Sri Lankan economy.

Our collaborations with Japan and Japanese entrepreneurs have given us the inspiration, strategies knowledge and technologies to tread successfully in the modern challenging business world. We are determined to continuously work closely with Japan and share the cutting edge knowledge and technologies with Sri Lankans. We strive to build bridges between the two countries –Japan and Sri Lanka which would facilitate greater level of collaboration and sharing to the betterment of the both countries.

‘We believe there are two major factors to the success of our company—the strategic collaboration with our partners and the commitment to add values to our customers at all cost.

Now a group of companies we are committed to add diverse and unique values to our customer and surpass their expectations in the process. As a group of companies with a strong sense of social responsibility we are committed to set new standards in all our respective industries. In particular we have implemented eco friendly practices in our motor vehicle business to mitigate the environmental hazards.

We believe that the time has come to shift the focus from industries oriented model to customer and sustainability oriented business models. And our company is laying the foundation for this vision setting new example to the competitors to follow.

We, as a company, determined to be a part of the development of Sri Lanka. In this case, the Japanese experience, knowledge and technology are invaluable. So we work in close collaboration with many of the Japanese expert to utilize their resources to the development of Sri Lanka.