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Mr. Yoshinaga


World Lanka Group, at present, is a leading group of companies in Sri Lanka that operate in diverse markets, serving both Sri Lankan and Japanese customers. The journey of the group is remarkable and inspiring from a small vehicle trading company to a group of companies with three subsidiaries serving three different markets.

What set World Lanka Group apart t, I believe, is two factors. From the beginning they understood the power of collaboration and partnerships. They actively sought and built strong partnerships with Japanese and Sri Lankan traders and entrepreneurs. Secondly, their commitment to invite feedback and continue to learn and modify the approach based on the feedback and advice they receive.

Apart from these, building and making a business successful is undoubtedly challenging especially in a context of war and economic challenges. World Lanka Group has faced and overcame this challenge via hard work, continuous learning and modifying their strategies and most notably the commitment to ensure the customer satisfaction. Today the group enjoys a stable reputation among both Sri Lankan and Japanese customers for its reliability, quality and customer centered service.

And the Group has not forgotten its social responsibility, it has adopted sustainable business and environment practices for set new standards in the Sri Lankan business arena. And overall the group strive to build strong collaborations with Japan and Sri Lanka. We believe the attempts are to re-establish the strong cultural, economic and social ties to the upliftment of both countries. With a promising future ahead, I wish World Lanka Group strength and courage to continue its journey to the changing marketplace adding values to more and diverse markets the best way possible.

We, as a company, determined to be a part of the development of Sri Lanka. In this case, the Japanese experience, knowledge and technology are invaluable. So we work in close collaboration with many of the Japanese expert to utilize their resources to the development of Sri Lanka.